People and Culture Team

40 Early Childhood professionals came together on Thursday night to learn more about supporting children with protective behaviours. Aligned with our value of connection and demonstrating how we share to grow, it was a successful night, centred around how we see, listen, and talk to children and families with protective behaviour strategies.

Presenters Rene Perry (Big Fat Smile Child Protection Manager) and Jody Quinnell (Big Fat Smile Community & Family Project Coordinator) incorporated the latest research and thinking, supported by their decades of firsthand experience in the field, in a highly engaging and interactive session.

Complimented by Rene and Jody’s strategies and knowledge, attendees shared their current practices across our centres, discussed their learning and how to grow and solve problems together.

Attendees left the session feeling empowered talk to children and families about body safety, how to listen to our bodies and ideas as well as ideas for implementing protective behaviour resources in the programme for children aged 0-5. The knowledge and skills acquired in this session will benefit colleagues, children, and families across our 40 services and beyond.

Working at Big Fat Smile is more than job. It’s an opportunity to make a child’s world a better, brighter place and we’re never not learning, or growing, it’s at the heart of what we do. If you are interested in knowing more about our free professional learning offering or current career opportunities at Big Fat Smile, please reach out to our People & Culture Team at [email protected].



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